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Looking for value when shopping online in the US is not that difficult. But it is a question of timing.

You don’t have to be a foreign exchange expert. The the exchange rate between the US$ and UK£ is not great for us Brits at the moment. The upcoming Election and Brexit is high on the agenda and the uncertainty affects the market. Plus it would make sense for Politicians to promote exports from the UK to bolster our trade figures. However, all is not lost when it comes to shopping in the US. Retailers are renown for offering flash sales and heavy discounts to attract business, sometimes 60/70%. You can access these promotions by purchasing online.

At the time of writing, and with the help of Google, a US$1 will cost us around 70p, US$100 will cost us £70, affording us a saving of approximately 30%. In real terms a purchase of a designer shirt retailing in the UK for £85 sells in the US for around US$65. So this will cost around £50 online. However, let’s take into consideration some of the amazing offers US Retailers make. These are often around 60/70%. This now makes the price of the same designer shirt $19.50 – around £14. Now, compared to the UK retail price, there’s a saving of more than 80%. Don’t forget, any import duty/vat is paid on the actual US purchase price not the UK retail price.


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Admittedly these figures are rounded up, so it is important to check the exchange rate at the time. There are shipping costs to get your purchases to you in the UK and may be import duty/vat. But if we tell you that the Freight costs for a Gentleman’s dress shirt via our service to your door will be around £5, it starts to look doable.

Many of the larger Department Stores house most designer labels including Ralph Lauren, DKNY, Calvin Klein, Donna Karen etc., etc. These labels often have their own stores in the UK. But working with us enables you the opportunity to purchase from US Retailer and pay the same as the Americans do making some tremendous savings in in these difficult times.

Shopping online in the US is no different to shopping online in the UK except the delivery takes a few days longer. Before you purchase anything you can check with us exactly what the delivery charges are including import duty/taxes. If the savings are in excess of 60% you still look like being in front by 30/35%.

Now take into consideration the enormous variation of styling and choice available. Imagine how many US Retailers there are to choose from. There are literally 1000’s of US Retailers in fantastic shopping malls. Now you can shop with every one of them.



Value Shopping Online in USA

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