shop like a bossShop Like a Boss

When you shop online there are no boundaries to the extent you can shop. Whatever you purchase we will make sure you get it delivered to your address in the UK. If you travel to the US things could be different.

When we say shop like a boss it means shopping like only you can, but if you overdo it and your bags don’t close so easily don’t panic. Get an extra suitcase or a suitable box, pack and seal your purchases and send them to us at your US delivery address, the one we give you when you get your PO Box Shopping address in the UK.

After you’ve done this a couple of times and realised how easy it is, you will have at your disposal the entire US Retail Sector and all the diversification and cost benefit this brings.

We expect most of your shopping will be for American brands and fashion clothing, but there’s a lot more things available that might be worth you looking at to ship back home. We can take care of larger items like wheel rims and BBQ’s and load’s of other stuff through our freight forwarding side and as a POB Shopper you are entitled to discounts so always ask for a special member’s freight quotation from us.

When you sign up you will automatically get a US delivery address which will be the same PO Box number as your UK address just a different destination. You can arrange for your online or personal purchases to be delivered to your US delivery address so you don’t have to worry about carrying them or paying excess baggage. Its just like shopping on-line in the UK but bigger.

Lifetime POB Shopper membership

And now you can advantage of a special offer; you can sign up with us and get your PO Box and US delivery address lifetime FREE. You can shop on line with access to 1000’s of retailers and we will ship your purchases back safely and competitively, applying the best freight rates around. Sign up and get all the member benefits including those listed below and automatic subscription to US Retailers Online a magazine directory listing lots of US Retailers and offering great news on current exclusive offers