information pack

Information Pack

Shopping in the USA is an amazing experience. Large Department and Multiples stores sit side by side with smaller and boutique type retailers selling a diversity of head turning bargains.

The number of shops and the diversity of merchandise is enough to send shopaholics into a state of euphoria. But before therapists grab their diaries and start booking appointments, not all shoppers act like it’s the first day of the sales. Retailing in the US is a serious business and a science that is studied continually. Attracting customers with service, quality and competitive pricing is the key to success. Shop assistants are attentive and enthusiastic and will welcome you to their store to remind themselves you have a choice, and you can expect regular information and discount vouchers once they have secured your email address.

It’s safe to say all retailers have websites and most trade their businesses on line. PO Box Shopping makes it possible for you to enjoy all the good things about virtual shopping in the US, including the diversity of merchandise and competitive pricing, especially with US ‘branded’ goods. There is evidence that indicates up 65% savings can be made on US branded goods when compared to the prices they are sold for in the UK.

Shopping Platform

US retailers are happy to supply anyone online providing they have a US delivery address. They won’t get involved with overseas shipping. Some will have their own shipping department, others will have stores in the UK and prefer you to shop with them. These will redirect you to their UK websites when you try to shop online, but then you will pay the UK prices which kind of defeats the object.

PO Box Shopping provides a shopping platform that enables you to access and shop with US retailers, paying in US dollars and having your purchases delivered to your own exclusive US delivery address, to which US retailers will usually deliver free.

Once delivered, we will receive your purchases in good condition and despatch them to your personal PO Box Shopping address in the UK. If multiple purchases have been made, we will consolidate them to make one shipment, increasing security and savings in the freight costs.

In the meantime, you will be able to track the whereabouts of your purchases by having access to our exclusive GPS courier goods tracking system.

Other Suppliers

These days there are other internet sources and suppliers of merchandise apart from retailers. There are recognised internet market places like US versions of EBay, Gumtree, Craig’s List and even Amazon can be accessible to UK customer’s online. More so if you can provide a US delivery address. You may access some real bargains using these platforms and using the delivery arrangements PO Box Shopping enables.

Forwarding to the UK

The airfreight forwarding costs and handling from the time the goods are delivered to final delivery are calculated per kilogram, weight or measurement. In other words, it pays to have goods packaged as tightly as possible because excess packaging counts. Our receiving department will check on the packaging and make sure you are not paying for fresh air. However, when you consider a polo shirt weighs around 12 ounces including packaging its estimated about 3 polo shirts should weigh around a kilogram (1 kg).

Arriving in the UK

Once the goods have arrived in the UK we will undertake the customs clearance and the onward delivery to your desired delivery address. We will already have this information stored on file. Outwardly, the only information anyone else will have is your name and PO Box Shipping address.

UK Customs Clearance

All imported goods have to undergo clearance by HM Customs & Excise (HMC). We will undertake the customs clearance on the information you provide. We will do it on your behalf. It may be that your purchases are liable to tax and import duties depending on the declared value of the goods. If applicable, these will be calculated and charged to you. It is interesting to note that;

All single items with a declared value up to a value £15.00 are Duty/Vat free.
All single items from £ 16.00 – £125.00 are subject to VAT 
All single items over £125.00 are subject to VAT and Duty

Remember when you make the comparisons, we pay VAT on everything we buy in the EU. Purchase tax in the US is considerably cheaper so quite often still makes shopping and importing US goods viable especially when stores offer discounts and special offers.

Example Shipments

Purchased Weight Freight
3 Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts $90 30 oz (1.17 kgs)
2 RL Jeans $80
2 RL Dress Shirts $120