excess baggageExcess Baggage Charges are a Burden

Excess Baggage charges are expensive. Airlines limit weight of a suitcase to 23 kgs after which they charge. Over 32 kgs the case won’t fly and must be forwarded as freight. If you travel to US it is more than likely you will shop. It is also likely you will shop more than you bargained for. Bargains are part of the US retail culture. Regardless of the exchange rates and you will find many things much cheaper than they are here in the UK.

Excess Baggage Charges differ per airline, but the general rule is the cheaper the ticket the more you will pay. Budget airlines or the economy tickets attract the most expensive charges. If its considered oversized hand carry not only will you get charged, but it will probably find its way to the hold.

You don’t have to shop online to receive member benefits.

If you are a PO Box Shopper you won’t have to worry about these problems. PO Box Shopping is ostensibly a shopping platform for members to access US Retailers online. But if you visit the US, PO Box Shopping is there at your service. It works on a similar basis, but you are there to direct the delivery to your US delivery address, the same as if you were buying online. Through our forwarding channels we can basically ship anything. PO Box Shopping will certainly accommodate excess baggage and at a considerably cheaper rate than the airlines charge. What’s more, knowing you have the secure option of being able to ship without everyone knowing your personal details should give you a peace of mind.

It may even open business opportunities that might not have otherwise presented themselves. How many people have missed the chance to become internet millionaires? You can discover interesting bargains abroad and not worry about getting them back to the UK?

In general, PO Box Shopping works on a similar basis as a Post Office Box but it is purposely designed to accept and ship anything. Whether you have excess baggage to purposely purchased personal effects or commercial merchandise we can forward it. You just ship it through your PO Box Shopper account the same way you would online..

Instead of having to go through the formalities involved in expediting merchandise you simply consign your purchases to your POB Shopping address. Get it delivered to our receiving depot and we take care of the rest. If you need any more information or advice on importing from the US please feel free to contact us.