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Unfortunately, there’s nothing exciting to know about us apart from the fact PO Box Shopping is a courier service offering UK online shoppers access to any US Retailer. We have been around for some time and are part of Freight Pal (GB) Ltd (FBGB) who have been in the specialised freight forwarding business for more than 11 years. With offices in London and The Midlands and Agents in Europe, the USA, and the Far East, we are pretty well equipped to cover everything you would need when importing or exporting freight to and from the UK.

PO Box Shopping offers UK online shoppers the opportunity to shop with any US Retailer exactly the way and US resident would, enjoying amazing discounts and bargains not available this side of the Atlantic. Of course, there are freight charges and import costs that have to apply, but you can still purchase exclusive designer goods and homeware less than you can buy it in the UK.

You can afford to be different. You can be adventurous and not have to pay Beverley Hill prices. And even if you do they will be considerably less than you would expect to pay in fashion houses in the UK or Europe, especially when you wait for the discounts and offers. The exchange rate fluctuates so keep your eye on that, but Sterling still buys more Dollars and as the prices are in Dollars, and you are buying in Dollars this is an added bonus.

Join lots of other online shoppers securing bargains knowing that you have the confidence of PO Box Shopping looking after your purchases and making sure you get your goods safely delivered to your home. We’ve got your back.

You will find all the information you need on this website although some areas are restricted so you have to sign up, but that’s for free so you have nothing to lose.

If you need anything else please feel free to call us on 0800 193 40 60 or email us via our contact page