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PO Box Shopping is an Exclusive Purchasing Club for Members only. Members are kept informed about special offers and any flash sales being circulated by US Retailers so you don't have to worry about receiving loads of emails. We receive regular offers from US Retailers and will send them to you as soon as we receive them. We are also in contact with 100o's of US Retailers on behalf of our members to solicit the best deals we can, which we pass to you entirely.

The beauty of this is that Membership to be a PO Box Shopper is FREE.

All you have to do is sign up to receive our Information Pack and you are free to shop online with ANY US Retailer while we'll make sure your purchases are delivered safely to your own PO Box Shopping address in the UK.

Sign up today by simply registering your name and email address and get to full membership privileges so you can purchase from ANY US Retailer and know that your goods will arrive safely to your door in the UK. Your contact details are secure and we do not share details with any other organisation.

Go to our sign up page today and receive our Welcome Pack with full information on how PO Box Shopping makes online shopping in the US as easy as opening your computer,


Imagine the size of the US and the amount of retailers they have selling all sort of ;
Designer clothing,
Household goods,
Sports goods,
Domestic appliances,
Hand tools, 
Garden furniture.
The list goes on. Up until now you would have been steered towards the larger companies because they have arrangements to ship overseas, but we've changed all of that.
You can now shop with ANY US RETAILER, because we take care of everything else. Check out our 'How it Works' page for more information.



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Search for the best bargains from US Retailers online and we’ll Make sure your purchases are delivered back to your UK address by express courier service.  Purchasing from the US has never been easier. Everyone has a website and all

Free US Delivery

Free US delivery is available from most US Retailers who will offer ‘free shipping’, but don’t be mistaken or confused, this doesn’t mean international shipping. Their idea of ‘shipping’ is to a US address and when you consider the size of the

Ship to the UK

Ship to the UK Before your purchases can be shipped to the UK, they will be received in our security warehouse and checked against the information you have already given us. We’ll make sure your purchases are suitably packed for

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